About Bangkok 96

The pilgrimage that led to the creation of Bangkok 96 Restaurant started when Genevieve was a young child living in Laos. She traveled frequently to neighboring Thailand with her family, and grew to love the flavors and spices of that country. When Laos was taken over by the Communists, her family became refugees in Thailand for two years and fled again, this time to Paris.

Growing up in the “City of Love”, Genevieve continued to develop her love for the culinary arts and also also discovered the love of her life, Guy Vang. After their marriage, they searched the world for the ideal place to live and begin a business, and eventually settled on Dearborn, Michigan. Since then, they’ve always remarked that there is no better place in the world to begin a business of your own.

After working in the first Thai restaurant in Wayne County (Bangkok Tiger), Genevieve and Guy decided they were ready to start their own restaurant. Bangkok 96 Restaurant became a reality (not surprisingly) in 1996 at its current location on Telegraph Road in Dearborn, Michigan.

Channel Vote 4 the Best

Since 2008, Bangkok 96 Restaurant has been voted “Best Thai Food” by WDIV News channel in the Vote-4-The-Best contest. Our famous Hot-and-Sour soup is a favorite among patrons who return for it every week. Some days you can expect to wait in a long line out the door during the lunch hours at this little Dearborn gem.

Genevieve's Story

Genevieve Vang’s culinary journey began as a little girl in Laos during the Vietnam War. Growing up in dreadful refugee camps, there were times when even a mere sugar cube was enough to bring a smile to her face. Years later, when Genevieve’s family moved to Thailand, she became instantly captivated by the exotic tastes and flavors of the local cuisine. Thai food turned into a way for young Genevieve to create happier memories while simultaneously enjoying some of the most unique and delicious flavors in the world.

From there, she honed her culinary skills in France, and then moved on to Dearborn, Michigan to start her award winning restaurant, Bangkok 96. Throughout the entire journey, Genevieve’s love for food has kept her strong, vibrant, and healthy.